Boost the Appearance of Your Establishment

Boost the Appearance of Your Establishment

Schedule a concrete parking lot installation in Delaware & Columbus, OH

Often, customers base their first impressions of your business on your parking lot and sidewalks. Start on the right foot by going with TFR Construction, LLC. We can provide you with a concrete parking lot and sidewalk installation in Delaware and Columbus, OH.

You can count on us to improve the look of your concrete with our repair services. Contact us at 614-349-8984 to schedule our concrete parking lot services today.

Our repair and installation process

We have a detailed repair and installation process for parking lots and sidewalks, which consists of:

  • Removing old concrete
  • Excavating the area
  • Laying new concrete

We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with top-notch results. You can count on us for all your concrete needs. Call now to learn more about our sidewalk installation process in Columbus and Delaware, OH.

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